Rules of Golf Quiz

Test your knowledge of basic Rules by taking this Quiz from the USGA

The answers are all true or false (click here for answers).


1.   A grass-covered mound inside a bunker is considered part of the bunker.

2.   A player many not clean her golf ball when lifting it from casual water.

3.   Loose impediments lying out of bounds may be removed without penalty.

4.  The line of putt extends a reasonable distance beyond the hole.

5.  There is a one stroke penalty if the ball moves as a direct result of removing the ball marker after replacing the ball.

6.  A player may repair an old ball mark, even if it is on the line of her putt, without penalty.

7.  Wind and naturally moving water are sometimes outside agencies.

8.  A player may tee the ball as far back in the teeing area as she desires.

9.  A player may remove loose divot sod before taking a drop without penalty.

10.  At the beginning of stroke play a player make practice putting or chipping on or near the first green without penalty.

11.  A player may wrap a towel around her grip in wet weather to help her maintain control of the club.

12.  If a player removes a loose impediment from a bunker in which her ball lays it is a one stroke penalty. 

13. When a player putts and her ball is accidentally deflected into the hole by any outside agency the player is considered to have holed out.

14.  A player has not yet taken her stance but she places her club down immediately in front of the ball, therefore she has addressed the ball.

15.  A player incurs a stroke penalty if she removes a white stake and then replaces it after completing her stroke.

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