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Play Chambers Bay Cheap!

  • 1.  Play Chambers Bay Cheap!

    Posted Jun 11, 2016 21:46

    Play Chambers Bay Golf Club, site of the 2015 U.S. Open, for just $75, a fraction of the regular cost. The current prices are $215 for a Washington resident and $275 for a non-resident, so you won't find a better deal! This is a hilly, spread-out walking-only course on Puget Sound south of Seattle, so it is recommended that you hire one of the course caddies, especially if you have never played there. The voucher will go FREE OF CHARGE to the first person to contact me. A once-in-a-lifetime chance! The course gave the vouchers to those of us who played last year in the Seattle EWGA event because the grass was so brown and dry and the course was in such poor condition after the U.S. Open. The latest edition of Sports Illustrated Golf Extra says the course currently couldn't be more beautiful or in better shape. But the voucher expires June 30, 2016. I'd rather give it away to someone who knows they will use it than let it go to waste. Contact Holly Danks at newsletter@ewgapdx.com.

    Holly Danks
    Swim Instructor
    Sunset Athletic Club
    Portland OR
    United States