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How to Feel Miserable as a Golfer



At a recent training event, I was given a handout titled, “How to Feel Miserable as an Artist.” It was such good advice that it made me think about how I could bring that same instruction to my golf game. I’ll share it with you here.

How to Feel Miserable as a Golfer

  1. Constantly compare yourself to other golfers.
  2. Base the enjoyment of your entire game on one bunker.
  3. Never try to improve your current level of play with advice from trained golf professionals.
  4. Challenge yourself to out-drive and out-putt your playing companions.
  5. Talk to yourself sternly and without mercy if unable to complete #4.
  6. Heed all unsolicited advice from fellow players (including random males on the driving range).
  7. Avoid courses that are out of your comfort zone – unfamiliar or intimidating.
  8. Cling to handicap as the most important indicator of success.
  9. Insist that you need the newest clubs or the shiniest technology, and then blame your equipment – new or old – for bad shots.
  10. Allow your score – not warm weather, delightful golfing companions, breathtaking scenery – to dictate your attitude.

I’m sure there are many, many more ways we make ourselves miserable on the course. Any wisdom you’d like to add? Leave a comment.

(Thank you, Keri Smith, for the original artist’s list. )

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Mar 09, 2018 16:48

Oh no! I recognize myself on too many of these! Now that you've pointed out what NOT to do in specific, descriptive terms, I hope I will be able to catch myself and STOP!