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Matching Up for Match Play


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Matching Up for Match Play

By Marilyn Morfitt
EWGA-PDX Match Play Co-coordinator

This year, we have several ways you can do more Match Play or try it for the first time.

Match Play, the original format of golf, is basically the same game as stroke play but with a different scoring system. In it, a player or team earns a point for each hole where they best their opponents. For this reason, there’s a different psychology and strategy to Match Play, and those who play it love the difference.

EWGA offers a Match Play Cup Tournament nationally, and luckily for us, one of the regional Cup Qualifiers is being held this year at our very own Heron Lakes Greenback course – on Sept. 8-9. That means less travel and expense to compete than the typical Western States course locations. And, it could mean we’re able to field three or four teams from the Portland Chapter. (Each team must have eight golfers playing two days of competition: One day is singles and the other four-ball. You’ll be able to learn and play both formats in our early Chapter offerings!)

Intrigued? It's not too early to put together a team!

Your first chance to learn and try out Match Play is on Sunday, May 27, at Charbonneau Golf Course. Sign up for instruction and a round of both singles and four-ball formats.

Your next opportunity is at our Portland Chapter Match Play Tournament on Sunday, July 1, at Tri-Mountain. At that event, you can ask to be paired with a specific Match Play partner or just request to be paired with anyone with a similar handicap for this 18-hole four-ball competition. Again, what better way to see if you like this format – or get the chance to practice with your partner before the September EWGA Cup Qualifier?

There’s a third way to join Match Play competition in our Chapter and that’s to be on our OGA Women’s Interclub Play (WIP) team. Once a month from May through October, EWGA fields a team of six that competes against other area women’s club teams in four-ball Match Play competition at area courses. If you are an experienced Match Player, simply ask Suzy Off to put you on our team roster. You must have your handicap through EWGA-GHIN.

Of course, you can always ask your coordinators to pair you with a certain golfer or golfers so you can play a singles or four-ball match during any of our regular events or league nights. They will try to accommodate you where they can.

For more info, email to contact Suzy or myself.

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Feb 13, 2018 16:49

Portland EWGA players have a great opportunity to compete in the EWGA Cup Pacific qualifier on a home course! I'm excited about playing on a Cup team for the first time – let's really represent with several new teams!