Collaborative Technology Creates New Opportunities


Just a few years ago, ‘rogues’ were individuals who were rascals and often out on the edge of reasonableness! This may no longer be the case in today’s collaborative technology world Today, these ‘rogue members are just ‘members’ – and business women worldwide in every organization across most industries. These members are discovering new ways to get work done and collaborate across digital highways.

Our organizational leaders can now utilize these tools to:

  • Discover the importance of member engagement – and how to evoke and embrace it and realize transparency is a strength of modern organizations
  • Learn about key communication trends and the evolution of social communities and assist in building them

Find out how to use current, new and emerging technology tools to better recruit and train our communities who will be our leaders and volunteers of the future. We need to recognize this and shifting to more of an engagement model.

Engagement means two things:

  • Organization will need to be more social, collaborative and transparent.
  • Our volunteer leaders will be viewed as more of an enabler of productivity and success, not just a facilitator.

Organizational tools now focus more on people, and collaboration tools like social networks are driving key changes in the ways that people work and interact. The introduction of social applications into processes has made it possible to accelerate work and increase productivity. Through discussion threads, and newsletters our National and Regional Chapters offer new levels of engagement that can help organizations push the community development.

Another big shift is that processes are becoming less horizontal. For collaborative work processes, this means that collaboration technology has to be less isolated and more integrated. Our new capabilities make it easier for people to work with others that they don’t know. They can also find new golfing friends and people (via a social network) that they haven’t met before. By embracing our newer organizational technologies, we can help create a better and broader sense of community.

As we build regional and national communities we are building relationships!