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Social Media's Potential Impact


With the complexity of work life, social media is frequently over looked as a communication tool. The integration of social tools into our EWGA communication strategies has become critical for nearly everyone and can yield tremendous and unexpected benefits. A blended scenario of traditional and unstructured approaches to membership communication can greatly affect the relevance, retention, and overall success or failure of our communication initiatives.

With individual’s short attention spans and the number of mobile devices and video’s, communication between organizations will not be anything like the old single event PowerPoint presentations. Location is of secondary importance, as anyone can meet anywhere, any time through our website. Meetings and discussions do not need to be single events but can result from a series of relationship-building opportunities held within the social media space and the tools available: discussion boards and blogs; Facebook and Twitter.

The key to communications success is to blend the various social media technologies into a coherent strategy, using each for its unique abilities to communicate, build story and community rather than as a replacement for email. League coordinators’ could start twitter accounts for participants so that last minute work schedules changes could open opportunities for replacement players. Weekend events could help arrange car pools and member engagement opportunities. Suzy and Deb successfully used an eGroup (a website tool) to help manage the Match Play ladder last year (great effort).

We can no longer feel confident just disseminating a lonely message through emails or a story in the newsletter. We need to leverage our content across a wide array of messaging! Every presentation and event is part of an ongoing conversation that reflects on both the messenger and members of her audience.