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A Former Lefty any Others?


Both my mother and father are left-handed and so was I born left-handed. At a very young age they switched me because they thought being left handed would be a disadvantage. Desks would not fit, lunch table seating could be awkward and many other issues that they both experienced in their lifetimes would present disadvantages to me throughout my life. So I was switched from being left-handed to being right-handed. In grade school sports it was a great advantage to me. I was a switch hitter in softball/baseball, in basketball I could go to the hoop from either side and dribble both ways. If seated next to a lefty I can also dine lefty. I have not viewed this as nothing but an advantage my entire life.

I have also always been an excellent athlete but one that needed lots of practice and warm-up. I can also be somewhat clumsy and awkward physically unless I had an objective and challenge! I bump into coffee tables, trip over small ledges and I seem to always mentally be trying to catch up with my body. Yet, I am blessed with an athlete’s mind and when I can align the physical and mental it is powerful. I can achieve and perform amazing athletic skills. But practice and training is always needed for this alignment to happen.

My physical therapist working with me on recovering from my last injury explained that quite a bit of research has been done of people who have been switched! Our lefty minds need an adjustment and that slight delay or transfer can lead to injury and muscle confusion. Many of us who had been switched share this physical disconnection that can make us more injury prone. Wow what a release this has been to me. I am not as clumsy as I had thought! My mother was always amazed I was such a good athlete yet so clumsy early in life.

My only sport I really play now is golf. I still play right-handed. I am too old to switch now but early on when I was learning the game if I new this information I would have switched back to being a lefty. Any others out there?